Shining Star Jewelry Co. Ltd has provided wholesale jewelry for thousands of jewelers. Advanced jewelry technology supports OEM and ODM jewelry customization. We have a good reputation for providing urban jewelry lovers with customized jewelry. After 10 years of development, it has now developed into a jewelry manufacturer specializing in the production of jewelry, constantly developing new products and new technologies to manufacture high-quality jewelry for customers.

Our jewelry includes chains, pendants, necklaces, and rings. All wholesalers and distributors, retailers can use. We mainly deal in jewelry customization and jewelry wholesale .The interests of customers are always our top priority, and it is our company's goal to make every partner succeed! ! !


Ensure that your original design will not be stolen by others, because we have our own factory, all production processes are strictly implemented in our factory, however some companys do not have their own factory, your design may be advanced by your competitors know. Trust us and SSFJewerly can ship you exclusive custom jewelry with 2-3 weeks.


1. Custom design within 2 hours give you CAD.
2. No MOQ on custom piece start from 1 PCS.
3. Put personal Logo start from 1 PCS.
4. FREE initial CAD drawing.
5. professional customized most complex designs, make it as beautiful as you wish.  
6. Send full white background picture to the customer who ordered from us.
7. FREE Fashion package for custom jewelry .

Our Product

Our products range from chains, pendants, necklace, rings... our strong production can make any type of jewelry for you

Our Mission

our mission is to provide high-quality jewelry for every jewelry wholesaler and jewelry retailer, to imagine, design, and craft the personalized custom jewelry for each customer

Our Approach

The interests of our customers are always the top priority for us, to always one night before our customers is our action, to make every cooperative partner successful is our company goal! And hoping you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you

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