How to choose a good custom jewelry supplier ?

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I am a merchant and I want to find a professional custom high-end hip hop jewelry manufacturer, which one is the best choice? How to choose a custom jewelry supplier?

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First, look at the scale of the jewelry supplier factories

The number of company personnel and the size of the jewelry factory are all things we need to consider. From the perspective of custom jewelry factory personnel, the greater the number of personnel, the stronger the sustainable manufacturing ability and the ability to ensure that the supply of goods will not be interrupted. The custom jewelry work experience of the employees is also what we need to refer to Yes, the longer the work experience of custom jewelry, the more familiar the employees are with these manufacturing processes, and the better the quality of customized jewelry. Another is that the size of the factory determines whether we need a large amount of customized jewelry to meet our needs.

Second, look at the company's establishment time

For newly opened custom jewelry manufacturers, it is difficult to confirm the strength of the factory and whether it can cooperate for a long time because of the short establishment time of personnel and factories. As a merchant, when looking for a custom jewelry factory, we need to be able to develop long-term partnerships, so custom jewelry The longer the factory has been manufactured, the more trustworthy it is.

The third is to look at the feedback from other merchants who have already purchased custom jewelry factories.

This can be used as a reference. If we see that some purchased merchants report that the quality of the jewelry is not very good, then we can choose to go to the company to actually take a look. Actually take a look at the quality of the product, or communicate with the custom jewelry factory to send samples as reference.


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