What is cubic zirconia?

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Cubic zirconia has the charm of crystal sparkles, but real diamond are relatively rare. Cubic zirconia can be synthesized artificially, so it is often used as a substitute for diamond.
The source of cubic zirconia.
   Cubic zirconia was first developed and invented by the Soviets, so the origin of cubic zirconia originated from the Soviet Union. There are very few natural cubic zirconias, but the ingenuity of the Soviets, through the research of natural zircons and scientific exploration, finally successfully developed this kind of cubic zirconia that can be synthesized artificially. A great creation, so that man-made cubic zirconia can be used to replace very rare natural diamonds. Natural things are not renewable, so natural diamonds are very precious. If there are substitutes, natural diamond can be better protected.

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The difference between diamond and cubic zirconia :
Different chemical composition: Diamond,The main chemical composition is carbon. Zircon,The main chemical component is zirconium silicate.
Specific gravity: Cubic zirconia is 1.7 times heavier than diamond. It can be distinguished by the difference in the proportion of the two, but this feature can only be used to distinguish unset gems.
Color: Completely colorless diamonds are very rare, usually diamonds are light yellow. But cubic zirconia can be made into the highest grade of diamond, namely D grade color. However, it is also possible to add different metal oxides to the cubic zirconia to obtain crystals of different colors. For example: cerium: yellow, orange, red; chromium: green; neodymium: purple; erbium: pink; titanium: golden brown. It can meet the needs of customers for colored gemstones.
The refractive index of zircon is second only to diamond, and the dispersion value is also very high. The colorless and transparent zircon is very similar to diamond and is a good substitute for diamond; among them, the blue zircon is artificially heat-treated, and its luster and fire are more brilliant. it is also more popular in the market.


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