Super Nice !Customer Feedback Of 3mm Tennis Necklace

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Thank God for giving us the opportunity to meet the beautiful Ms. Jaslin on November 15, 2020.

It was a wonderful day. Even if the two of us are separated from each area, our company is in Guangzhou and beautiful Ms. Jaslin is in the United States, the development of the Internet lets the people of the two countries to connect together, so that we forget the distance between her and us.

We received an inquiry about Ms. Jaslin's 3mm diamond tennis chain necklace on social media, and confirmed with her 3 quotation details (such as material, length, quantity) of the tennis chain. For tennis necklaces, our company generally provides customers with 925 silver and brass materials.

The tennis chain length can be any size our customers want, such as 16inch, 18inch, 20inch, etc. The most popular tennis chian length for women is 16inch, and for men The best-selling length is 20inch.

Our company can accept not only wholesale bulk orders but also dropshipping order,customer could do any order quantity they need.After confirming these details with Ms. Jaslin, Ms. Jaslin felt that this was not a problem. The only concern was that the plating color of our sterling silver tennis chain did not last long.

hip hop tennis chain in white gold

We totally understand her concerns and we explained the problem of electroplating in the jewelry industry to her:All of our jewelry products are plated 4 times with e-coating which protect our jewelry not easy to fade.Then we give her some advice on how to maintain jewelry (like do not put the jewelry into water,keep it in opp bag when do not wear it) and after-sales guarantee within one year (when jewelry purchase from us,will enjoy free fix it).


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