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Let me share with you the process of buying hip-hop screw back earrings with our client porter.

Porter is a customer from the United States. She found us through the website and consulted some related jewelry. In order to show our jewelry better, we added WeChat to communicate. During the period, Porter gave us the hip-hop necklace and hip-hop of Hyunstar Jewelry Company. She was so interested in our hip hop screw back earrings. Because it was the first cooperation, it was difficult for her to build trust on jewelry quality. As she is in USA but we are in Guangzhou China.

customers feedback of jewelry

And it is hard to visit our company since the COVID-19 situation still serious, so she bought a pair of earring as a sample to check quality first. We also produce many kinds of necklaces, such as Cuban necklaces, tennis chains, etc. The quality of our jewellery is very high-quality, and the front-line employees engaged in the manufacture of jewellery have at least five years of experience in the industry. So after receiving the necklace samples, porter was very satisfied with our quality, and once again placed an order for screw back earrings.

customers feedback of stud earrings

The most difficult part of screw back earrings is that the screw back is easy to fall off if made not good, and the earring screw back is easy to be blocked and not smooth. High-quality square iced outearrings are smooth to wear and stylish and beautiful. Of course, our products still did not disappoint porter. After receiving the goods, the worries were completely dispelled. And carried out the next cooperation...

High-quality square iced outearrings

We are a jewelry manufacturer with our own factory. The production process and the production results can be tracked in real time. Please believe in the quality of our jewelry. If you want to order our jewelry, please contact our business team.


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