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The first contact is always unforgettable.

On May 10, 2021, I received the first message from Ronald. He sent me a picture in Cartoon bear and asked if we could make it as a iced out animal pendant. I told him certainly that we can exactly customize it according to his requirements.

Through our communication, we confirm animal pendant details that need to be known for quotation include design, material, size and stone.

Of course, we will also give accordingly suggestions for different styles of designs for customers' reference.
Fortunately, through our suggestion, Ronald confirmed the size which is our recommended size.

Before starting the formal design, Ronald also asked me a question that if we could make his design in a 3D effect. There is no doubt that we can do it, and for this cartoon type pendant design, we also recommend 3D effects. With the 3D effect pendant video I sent him as a reference, he finally confirmed the 3D effect.

Usually, the process of drawing CAD drawings for custom pieces is as follows:

1. Confirm with the customer the specific details of the pendant to be made (design, material, size and stone)
2. The designer draws a sketch CAD drawing to the customer for confirmation
3. After the customer confirms, the designer draws a CAD drawing with stone data
4. Customers review the final CAD design and start production after confirmation

In the process of confirming the design, we also confirmed many other details, such as the plating color, the color of the stone, the engraving and the size of the bail and so on.
Many details need to be carefully confirmed by both of us, so that the products produced in this way can satisfy customers.

After confirming the design, the formal production will start.
Because there are many production processes, such as make 3D painted wax model, casting, stone setting, polishing, plated and QC etc. So the production time will be longer, probably need 20 to 25 days.
In addition, we usually use UPS and DHL for shipping, and the shipping time is 3 to 7 days.

Our service tenet has always been to serve customers and achieve every partner. Our company has been engaged in the jewelry wholesale industry for ten years. If customers do not understand anything, our professional sales will answer their questions with professional knowledge and rich experience, and give suggestions as references. In this way, both parties can have a pleasant and clear communication, allowing both parties to reach a consensus and complete cooperation.

If you have any animal custom pendant needs, please feel free to contact our business team, we will reply you as soon as possible.


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